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Chicken the Game of Chickens and Bones by Mystake

Chicken Mystake, is one of the casino mini-games that has seen the most betting this season, (along with the game Aviator), which means that this range of online games is (and continues to be) very popular on the web, but, you probably already knew that.

What you need to know, is how to play Chicken (the famous gambling game known as “the game of chickens and bones“), and how far it can take you in terms of winnings.

Well you are on the right page to discover all the best ways to win, in fact, we have decided to present the ways to win at Chicken Mystake game with all the related techniques, also accompanied by detailed video experiences.

Discover Chicken Mystake the chickens game with money

You may be wondering why Chicken (one game of chickens and bones with money), has been so successful at Mystake Casino. The answer is simple: it’s easy and fun to play, plus it’s a winner! It’s suitable for all casino players, experienced and novice alike, so if you’re taking your first steps into the world of online gambling, this is a great game to start with!

The rules of this fun online mini-game, Chicken or “the game of chickens and bones“, are extremely simple, and you’ll understand them as soon as you read them. What’s more, this game owes its notoriety to its high earning potential, thanks to its 99% RTP, which guarantees consistent winnings over time. Theoretically, it is possible to win up to 10 million euros with Chicken Mystake, assuming that the lucky player (who has placed the maximum bet) wins the jackpot by uncovering all the chickens on the grid and avoiding the bones!

Chicken game a creation of Mystake Casino

The keyword that many people use to search for this game on Google, “Chicken game Mystake“, gives a little clue as to its creator. In fact, this “chickens and bonesmoney gambling game was developed by the well-known and popular Mystake Casino. For the uninitiated, this platform has released a number of interesting creations, all grouped together in the “Mini Games” section on its official website.

These include: HiLo, Keno, Icefield (game of the Yeti), Dice and Dino (a cute dinosaur), with more to be launched soon. If you wish to play Chicken (the game of chickens and bones), you need to go to Mystake Casino and then enter the section mentioned above. Next, what you need to do is launch the game by clicking on the “Play” button.

Chicken a game with detailed graphics

Unlike many mini-games currently available on the market, Chicken has a good level of graphics, this also applies to the already mentioned mini-game “Dino“. Visually speaking, you will be really conquered by the interface of Chicken game on Mystake.

The game is attractive and has the merit of being very clear, the images have been designed with great attention to detail. The only thing that is missing, to create the perfect atmosphere, is a nice background music and special sound and visual effects.

How does the game Chicken by Mystake work?

As we said before, the Chicken game Mystake has a very simple gameplay. If you start the game with Chicken money, you will see a grid (5×5 format) of covered dishes appear before your eyes.

On the screen you will find a total of 25 plates, covered by bells (or plate covers). Under each plate covered by the bell, you will find a chicken or a bone: here you must avoid uncovering a bone, otherwise the game will end and you will lose your initial bet.

So, you have to pay attention to which plate you uncover and try to uncover at least one chicken, which will determine your winnings. The game principle on Chicken Mystake is practically similar to that of the famous mini-game “Mines”, if you have already played it in other online casinos.

Chickens and bones are the winning multipliers

To uncover a dish and reveal its contents, simply click on it. If a chicken appears, you will be rewarded with a cash prize. Winnings will increase exponentially depending on the number of chickens found. The more chickens you find, the bigger your winnings will be. And if, by chance, you manage to find all the hidden chickens without running into a bone, you’ll get the “Jackpot“, so a huge multiplier will be applied, generating a big win!

It should be noted, however, that the value of the winnings also depends on the number of bones the player starts the game with. In fact, before starting to play, you can set the number of bones in the game (which can be between 1 and 24), bones that will be randomly hidden by the system under the covers. The more bones that are placed in the game, the higher the winning multiplier that will be calculated on your stake when you discover a plate with chicken.

Collect your winnings at any time

The goal of every player who tries his hand at an online casino is obviously to win as much as possible. However, it is not always easy to get a jackpot, so the mini-game developers have made it possible to stop the game while you are winning, so you can cash out your winnings whenever you want!

This is also the case with Chicken game Mystake. You can choose to cash out your winnings and end the game by clicking on the “Cashout” button, even after finding just one chicken! However, remember: the more chickens you find, the higher your account will go, but be careful not to set too many bones in the game!

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Chicken Mystake is a certified, fair, safe and reliable game.

Offered by one of the safest and most reliable online gaming platforms (Mystake Casino), Chicken (the game of chickens and bones) uses, “Provably Fair” technology. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a system based on “Blockchain” technology (the same used by Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for instance).

This ensures that sessions are perfectly fair, preventing operators or anyone else from manipulating the game. In addition, this cryptographic technology gives you the possibility to verify, at any time, the fairness of every game in which you took part.

Chicken Mystake also available on mobile and tablet

The entertainment offered by the game Chicken Mystake is not limited to the PC. The developer, Mystake Casino, has made its most famous mini-game in the world, available on mobile devices as well.

All mobile devices currently on the market are compatible with Chicken, the most popular casino game of the moment! An iPhone, or any other Android device, will allow you to play this chicken game for money, and have a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.

Play Chicken Mystake with a 1,000 € bonus

The Chicken mini-game, also known as “the game of chickens and bones“, is a creation found exclusively on Mystake Casino, so this leading online casino is the only place where you can play it. To enjoy Chicken Mystake, you need to have an account on the platform.

After registering (which is done in no time), you will be entitled to a welcome bonus of up to 1,000 Euros. In addition to this offer, there is a great variety of other attractive bonuses and promotions to take advantage of, and thus increase your fun, for as long as you wish!

Opinions about Chicken the chickens game at real money casino

The Chicken game Mystake with money is a very fun and exciting casino game that has many interesting features. Besides being absolutely easy and intuitive to play, it is very profitable, giving the possibility to win (in case of Jackpot), up to 10 million Euros!

However, big winnings (obviously less impressive than the Jackpot) always come with some regularity, thanks to the structure of the game itself and its generous 99% RTP (Return to Player).

For those interested in trying out the Chicken mini-game, you can view live statistics of your own games, and those of other players. In addition, the Live chat function is available to chat with other users. In short, Chicken Mystake is an excellent online casino title, definitely worth trying!

Chicken Mystake Video Tutorial Chicken Game

Chicken Mystake fact sheet

Game name:

Chicken (the game of chickens and bones)

Minimum bet:

0.20 cents

Maximum bet:


Maximum Win:

10,000 X (Multiplier)


Low Volatility

Bonus applied:

Up to €1,000

Game RTP:



(Frequently Asked Questions) on Chicken Mystake

Chicken game Mystake can be played exclusively at MyStake Casino, one of the best online casinos. A safe and reliable online casino with a regular European license from Curacao (Dutch government).

The Mystake chicken game offers a range of bets to suit all budgets. These can range from a minimum of 0.20 cents to a maximum of €1,000 per bet. Both moderate and high rollers (big players) will therefore find their natural “home” with Chicken, the real money chicken and bone game.

The Chicken game Mystake’s RTP is variable and starts from 97% (its lowest value), up to 99% (its highest value), making it one of the mini-games with the highest payout rate on the online gambling market!